lunes, 7 de mayo de 2007

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Altozano Square

A view from the Gran Hotel

The Bicha of Balazote

The "bicha" at Altozano

The Cutler

Albacete is known worldwide for its cutlery

The Seeding Farmer

People, Personages & Personalities

Teruhisa Horio, Tokio University, Japan.

Teruhisa Horio, photographer
Ahmed fightin' with the "porrón"
Hari Kadel

A Tribute to the Spanish Beauty (1)


A Tribute to the Spanish Beauty (2)


Explanation (1)

-This one, look: "per- diz...." "peeer - diiiiz"
In English "per - dix", or "par - tridge"... It's a big bird, plump body, short tail, and short beak for picking up seeds, you know... "Per - diz"... It's a "game bird"... No, not to play... game means "wild animal", you know...

Explanation (2)

- Y ahora, con la anuencia de Luisa y de Juan, pasaré a explicaros el significado de la tercer torre del escudo de Albacete...

Lecturers & Participants

Emily Vargas-Barón (Rise Institute), and Gaby Fujimoto (Organization of American States / OAS)
Ahmed Al Damrawy (National Union for Early Childhood Development, Egypt), Mark R. Ginsberg (NAEYC, USA), Luis Alberto Melograno Lecuna (Pueblo Blanco Educational Integration Center, Argentina), Taj Hamad, General Secretary of the World Association of Non-Governmental Organizations (Sudan), and Susan M. Thorne (Early Childhood Council, New Zealand).
People from USA, Russia, Ghana, and Australia
Minnesota Team

Joaquín Antuña (NGO Peace and Cooperation),
Hari Kadel (CES Nepal, Kathmandu)

Yoshie Kaga (UNESCO), Luisa Ortega Ruiz (Concejala Educación, Ayuntamiento Albacete), Yoshie's daughter, Nargess Mohammadi (Iran), and her translator.

A Very Important Day

The Albacete's Convention Center is a reality!

Bodega & Vineyards SM

Juan Sanchez-Muliterno García and Eduardo Muliterno, President of STYB

Ready for the wine tasting...

Visiting Kinder & Primary Schools

Emily Vargas-Barón, another great translator, at Ana Soto School

María Canela & Company

Wango Awards

Mr. Manuel Pérez Castell, Mayor of Albacete.


WANGO Awards by WAECE Educational TV On Line by Internet

The Close Ceremony

Musicians, Authorities, and a great Master of Ceremony